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some of you are so shallow basing who you want to date purely off looks, you have to consider other qualities about the person too like do they have lots of money, do they drive a nice car etc

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what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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"I try to work out how I could change something to protect me, or him. There’s got to be some form I can take that doesn’t hurt anyone. My power is useless here. I just tell him everything.”

Young Avengers: Volume 2 - Issue #9

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@fakeliampayne: Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)

@fakeliampayne: Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)

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Get to know me meme - [5/10] favorite male characters: Captain America.

I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.

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I legitimately let out an “Awww!”

I don’t watch the show but I think Nick Fury just told Agent Coulson that he saved him using drastic measures because he’s an Avenger and I’m tempted to take it up again because his face has like eight different emotions in that last GIF.

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you know those people who are just luminous, like they’re so beautiful and everything they do is endearing and all you can do is stare and hope that some of their light hits you someday. maybe it’s not even romantic but they’re just such people, they’re humans, and they’re so beautiful that you cannot make yourself look away

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A dick with a future

A dick with a 401k plan and retirement benefits.



A dick with a future

A dick with a 401k plan and retirement benefits.

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in honor of the fourth anniversary of one direction, a moment of silence for everything else i could have been doing with my life

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An old post: Summer Reading on Better Book Titles!

Check out the Better Book Titles book

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(Left to Right: To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Bell Jar, A Confederacy of Dunces, Gatsby, The Old Man and The Sea, Huck Finn, Of Mice and Men, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)

Required Reading!

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